Koh Tonsay, Cambodia

A cold beer on one hand, my camera on the other, and a gorgeous golden Sun setting right in front of me, slowly and beautifully disappearing into the sea. The perfect ending for another day of doing nothing but swimming, reading and having ocasional naps. Pure hedonism. 

That is Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island), a small island off the coast of Kep I was lucky enough to visit a few times during the almost two years I spent in Cambodia

The island has electricity only from 7-10pm, there are no roads, no motorized vehicles, and there are only a few residents; fishermen and families running the handful restaurants and bungalows that can be found there.

Koh Tonsay is a place to rest - body, mind and soul - and forget all the difficulties one might be going through...it quickly became one of my favorite spots in Cambodia. It is also a very popular destinations for Cambodians, as it is easily and cheaply accessible for those living around Kep/Kampot areas. 

This tranquility might be soon gone, though, as investors are looking to build two luxurious resorts on the island. When I left the country in the beginning of 2016, news were already saying that locals had already been evicted from their lands and sent to Kep (land evictions are one of the most prominent form of human rights abuse in Cambodia these days). 

If this development project does go ahead, I hope they will at least include and benefit the local community. They will, however, change completely the profile of the island, so these pictures here may very well - sadly, I would say - become some of the last images of a more pristine, democratic and accessible tourism destination.