Cartagena de Índias, Colombia

Slices of everyday life in Cartagena...

After completing my bicycle journey from Bogotá (Colombia) to Lima (Peru) during the first semester of 2016, I returned to Cartagena de Índias and spent almost seven months there. During that time, what I enjoyed the most was wandering around old town with my camera. The liveliness of its streets always fascinated me.

Founded on June 1st, 1533, by the Spanish commander Pedro de Heredia, Cartagena was named after the port city of Cartagena, in Murcia, southwest Spain, where most of Heredia's sailors had resided. During the colonial era the city became a key port for the export of Peruvian silver to Spain and for the import of African slaves. It served a key role in the administration and expansion of the Spanish empire. It was a center of political, ecclesiastical, and economic activity. In 1984, Cartagena's colonial walled city and fortress were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Despite the massive influx of tourists over the recent years, the old Cartagena still has its charm and authenticity. This collection of images hope to offer a glimpse into its the daily life.