photography as a window to the beauty of life

"I only wish to bear witness to how extraordinary the seemingly ordinary actually is".


about me

Environmentalist • Photographer

My name is Bernardo Salce and I'm an Environmentalist and Photographer who combines science, art, storytelling and activism to explore and document the intrinsic relationships between culture, nature and society.

By using photography as an educational tool, I hope (i) to shine a light on local and global pressing issues; (ii) to promote values of empathy and social-environmental justice; (iii) to reveal the beauty in the seemingly ordinary, everyday moments; (iv) to promote ethical and inclusive outdoor recreation as a tool for conservation; (v) to illuminate stories of resilience; and (vi) to show how culture and geographic features intertwine to shape the way societies perceive and interact with their natural environment. 

I am based in Santa Cruz, California.

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