U.S. Road Trip: Chapter II

The Big Day!

Wow, what a beautiful day that was!

At an unspoiled beach in Santa Cruz, under a bright blue sky and with the ocean as their backdrop, Sas and Dash celebrated their love on a wedding that was really something out of a fairytale book. 

Since they were organizing the ceremony themselves, with the precious help from family and friends, they were both really short on time the days before the wedding, but we still manage to find an hour the day before to get some engagement shots, as we wouldn't have time for them the next day, and Ale and I were leaving Santa Cruz already the day after the wedding. 

Here I must say that these pictures would not have been possible without the help of my wonderful girlfriend, whom I am slowly turning into my personal manager and assistant :)

Considering it was their first time in front of a "professional photographer", and it was also my debut with an engagement shoot, I think we all did a pretty good job. We had just an hour to make the pictures so we didn't have time to be playing around and experimenting. Nonetheless, I think we were able to make images that show a bit of who they are.

They are both surfers, environmentally-conscious and laid-back, so we got along really well and I am positive it helped to make the shooting goes as smoothly as possible. 

Moving on to the next day, Ale and I woke up super early, got ready, and at about 10.30am we were already at the wedding venue, waiting for Sas and her friends. They would start getting ready at 11am, so we wanted to make sure we were there on time to get some pictures of them. 

I took way too many pictures of them getting ready; I guess I wanted to make sure I would have some good ones :)

So after some glasses of champagne, many stories and good laughs, the ladies were almost ready, and Sas was already on her beautiful dress...

Time was running fast and Dash was already about to arrive, so we quickly got some of those traditional group photos of Sas with her friends, and then walked down to the beach to make some pictures of Sas and Dash seeing each other for the first time on that day. 

I walked down with Dash before so I could get some pictures just of himself.

After a couple of minutes, Ale brought Saskia and then it was a pure joy to see their love and happiness when seeing each other!

Once again we were running against time, so after a couple of shots it was time for them to get ready to the ceremony which was just about to start. And what a beautiful ceremony that was!

They couldn't have found a better place to celebrate their wedding, and the whole event unfolded beautifully.

Once again I must say thank you to my girlfriend for helping me so much on that day, and for even taking some pictures herself. It is quite stressful to be out there photographing such an important event, and since I was experience some issues with my X-T1, I pretty much had to do the whole wedding with just one camera, my X-Pro2, and that, needless to say, made things a bit more stressing for me. 

I had my Fujifilm 23mm 1.4 lens on almost 90% of the time, switching it eventually to my Fuji 56mm 1.2, another amazing piece of glass.

Saskia's parents

Saskia's parents

Dash's parents

Dash's parents

And then, after beautiful speeches and a lovely ceremony, they were officially husband and wife!

It was time then to get the party started, and what better way to get there than by bicycle? 

Sas and Dash on their way to their celebration on a true Californian, environmentally-conscious style!

Sas and Dash on their way to their celebration on a true Californian, environmentally-conscious style!

And to make that day even more memorable, their wedding celebration was at Saskia's parents house, where she grew up, and where her mom also married Saskia's brother and sister. It is a wonderful house, with a gorgeous backyard; once again, they couldn't have chosen a better place for their party.

It was a indeed very special evening, and once again I express my gratitude for Saskia and Dash for trusting me to photograph such a memorable day.

And then, after an entire day of work, it was time to get a beer and enjoy the party as guest as well :)

For those who might be curious about the equipment I used, I had with me:

  • Fujifilm X-Pro2 (my main camera)
  • Fujifilm X-T1 (second camera, often used by my girlfriend to help me out)
  • Fujifilm X100S (backup)
  • Fujifilm 14mm f/2.8 lens (didn't use it, to be honest)
  • Fujifilm 23mm f/1.4 lens (on my X-Pro2, used it 80% of the time)
  • Fujifilm 35mm f/1.4 lens (used it a few times while Saskia was getting ready with her friends)
  • Fujifilm 56mm f/1.2 lens (used it for the other 20% of time).

On a side note, the autofocus of my X-T1 decided to kind of stop working the day before the wedding, so I had basically to rely only on my X-Pro2. I could have used my X100S as well, but I find it autofocus to be quite slow for a wedding, so I didn't want to take any risk.

I have another wedding coming up, this time here in Cartagena, and the bride is gonna be my great friend Juliana, a Colombian I met while in Cape Town-SA back in 2009, and the one that introduced me to my now amazing girlfriend. 

I will be back here soon, sharing with you some pictures and stories from the third part of our trip, the one that was certainly one of the highlights of our time there: the Yosemite National Park

I hope it's all going well with you!


Bernardo Salce