Rise for Climate March, San Diego


On September 8th, a sunny and beautiful Saturday, Alejandra and I joined thousands of people of all ages and social backgrounds here in San Diego for the 2018 Rise for Climate March San Diego, which sent a powerful message to politicians and policymakers: it's about time to leave the fossil fuel industry behind and move towards clean, renewable sources of energy.

The march was part of a nationwide program of activities leading up to the Global Climate Action Summit, which takes place this year in San Francisco, CA.

The march also addressed the issue of Climate Justice, which is intrinsically linked to the idea of Social Justice: there is no Environmental Justice without Social Justice.

It was a beautiful event and here are some of the pictures I made, all with my Fuji X-T2 + 23mm f/1.4 lens, Acros, unedited Jpeg.

When we were driving back home, Alejandra and I were discussing if marching really had the power to change things, and what I believe is that simply marching may not have that power…however, if a march is part of a bigger project, if it is just one of the strategies on a bigger campaign, then yes, absolutely, marching can really have a positive impact, give a platform to our voices and put pressure on those making the political decisions…changing the world for better, after all, must be sort of a daily life activity…

I'll be back here next week…


Bernardo Salce