A celebration of our LitClubs in Itacaré


Among the projects I am currently helping ETIV do Brasil to develop, probably the one I am the most proud of is the LITCLUB.

The result of a partnership with LITWORLD and GLOBAL GLOW, through the HerStory Campaign, the LITCLUBS use reading, literature and storytelling as tools of individual and social empowerment for young girls from four different neighborhoods in Itacaré.

Last Saturday we organized our 2018 final party to celebrated our achievements, and not only I got to meet all the other girls, but I also photographed pretty much all of them (some of them did not go to the party, and a few others preferred to not be photographed).

To read more about the event, please click here.

Ah, I've just created the brand new website for ETIV, check it out! https://www.etivdobrasil.org/

I hope to be back at the blog soon!


Bernardo Salce