Salvation Mountain, CA

A troupe of gypsies walking by Salvation Mountain, CA

A troupe of gypsies walking by Salvation Mountain, CA

"God is Love"

For nearly three decades, Leonard Knight worked passionately and relentlessly to create an oasis of colors, faith and love that has been touching and inspiring people from all over the globe. 

The Salvation Mountain is the culmination of his faith, artistry and determination to leave a message for the world: "God is love". A plaque at the monument reads:

"This is the culmination of a personal religious intensity few mortals will ever experience. Started as a temporary monument to God's love in 1984 by Leonard Knight, it grew into the worldwide phenomenon you see before you. Born on November 1, 1931 in Shelburne Falls, Vermont, Leonard found 'religion' mid-life; he found frustration as well. All religions were too complicated for Leonard. He saw it all very simply: repent to Jesus Christ and be forgiven of your sins. His struggle for a simple faith took him across the United States to end up here in Niland; he never left. For just under 30 years, without the benefits of electricity or running water, Leonard passionately labored daily to create a message for the world to hopefully see: "God is love". Embarrassed to call himself an artist, Leonard perfected his artistic technique using only what was at hand, what he could scrounge at the local dump and what was donated by the faithful or the curious. Leonard left the mountain November of 2011, and at the age of 82, went to meet his Mentor on February 10, 2014".



It was indeed a very humbling experience to see the (beautiful) result of so much faith and love. I believe it is impossible, even for those who, like myself, are not particularly religious, to not be touched by what Leonard has created. 

It was about faith and God, but perhaps, above it all, it was about love...

And love is, without a doubt, what we need the most these for all people, regardless their national or religion; love for our planet and all the living species we are fortunate to share it with...

It took us about 2 and half hours to get there and that is a day trip I highly recommend if you are visiting San Diego. 

I'll be back here at the blog in the next few days...