Review: Sleeklens Presets for Lightroom

Auto Tone Color and Warm Shadows Preset

Auto Tone Color and Warm Shadows Preset

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I'm currently in California, USA, and I will be sharing some blog posts from here soon. For now, I would like to talk to you about some pretty cool presets from Sleeklens I had the opportunity to test. 

I am big fan of presets as they speed up my workflow considerably and are really handy for wedding pictures, when we need a consistent look throughout the images.

Sleeklens reached out to me a couple of weeks ago and offered me a few Lightroom Presets to try and I'm gonna share with you here my impressions about them. I think it's important to say straight away that I'm not being paid or sponsored to write this review so I am doing it with complete freedom to be truly honest about what I though about them.

To give you guys a clear perception of their capabilities, I literally just applied them to a few RAW images and did nothing else. So here you will find: the original RAW image and its version with one of the presets I got. I didn't do any other correction or adjustment (exposure, white balance, shadows, highlights etc.)

For this image I used the Auto Tone Color and Warm Shadows Preset and look at the incredible difference it made. I didn't even do any other adjustment. Just applied the preset and exported the picture. 

While the difference might be more subtle on this one here, on which I applied the Cinematic Preset, we can still notice a significant improvement on contrast, vibrance and saturation. 

On this one I used the Punchy Preset, which gave me some colors, saturation, vibrance and contrast. I would obviously perform some other adjustments to this image if I were to print it, but this is just to give you an idea of the great starting point we can have when using a well developed preset.

The High Dynamic Range Preset brought back the shadows and adjusted the highlights without creating an image with an unrealistic look. Again, after applying the preset you can always adjust contrast, shadows, highlights and etc. based on your specific taste.

The Pastel Caress Preset gave me a soft, greenish, almost vintage look that can be really cool for portraits.

The Shine Into The Sunset Preset adjusted the colors and saturation and gave a warm feel to the image. It also worked on the shadows (notice the details on the pot).

For the image above I used a combination of two presets: Extending DR Crispy and Sharp. Notice how it recovered the shadows, adjusted the highlights, and brought some colors, contrast, sharpness and saturation.

Sleeklens have tons of options on their website (presets and also brushes) and I would recommend having a look at them. They even offer some for free here. To see some more comparisons of before and after they have on their page, and also find out about the services they offer on Professional Photo Editing, click here

Once again, I have developed some presets I use to give me a starting point when I am editing my pictures and that is one the reasons I prefer Lightroom over Photoshop. I also love the fact that I can copy the adjustments from one picture and paste them onto another. So I totally recommend the use of presets and I think Sleeklens has some decent options for all sorts of photography styles and subjects.

I wil be back here on the blog in about two weeks, sharing some of the pictures I've been making here in California.


Bernardo Salce