The kite runners

Last week I had the chance to work on a one-day assignment for La Vecina, a local NGO working with education projects in La Boquilla, one of the underprivileged communities outside Cartagena city center. 

From their website: 

"By providing quality education, Foundation La Vecina gives the children in the district of La Boquilla, in Cartagena a chance for a better future. Combining education with psychological support, as well as with social and recreational activities and events for the whole community, Foundation La Vecina is highly committed to the development of the children and wants to give them a secure environment where they can live and learn."

I had a great day photographing their kids while they were enjoying their day-off, playing games and flying their kites at the beach nearby their educational center. It was also the first time I had the opportunity to see this other side of Cartagena, one that tourists do not see.

Cartagena is a a highly unequal city, and according to official studies, approximately 75% of its population is considered poor.

As I start to become more familiar with the current local issues, I am developing themes and ideas for photo essays about the local culture, history and social-environmental themes.

Hopefully I'm gonna start working on them soon....meanwhile, you can find some other pictures I made for La Vecina.

Saludos from Cartagena!

Bernardo Salce