Fishermen in Bocagrande, Cartagena

The Sun was already high up, the temperature was certainly above 30˚C - as usual here -, tourists were already taking their selfies and these group of fishermen had probably been on the water for a long time by the time I got to Bocagrande beach and saw them.

I had cycled there just to chill and see my girlfriend surfing, but when I saw them I couldn't help but to make some pictures of them at work. Good thing I had taken my Fuji X100S with me. 

These pictures are not meant to be anything deep or investigative; they were just some "relaxed" snaps made by my ever curious eye. I didn't even edit these pics here, they are all straight out of the camera JPG files.

They were busy doing their thing so they didn't mind my presence around them. We didn't talk much. They were doing their job, I was doing mine.

However, I must mention here that I am currently researching for some very interesting projects here in Colombia, and I will eventually share them here with you guys soon.

Hope it's all going well with you :)

Hasta luego!