[Bicycle Diaries] Some good (and important) resting days in Huanchaco

Traveling by bicycle is indeed a wonderful, life-changing journey, but it is also a very tough one, in many different ways.

Obviously, physically, but also emotionally and psychologically - especially if you are traveling by yourself, like me.

The process of riding everyday, and then, after those hours on the road, having to find a place to spend the night, gets a bit tiring. Even more if you, like me, try to camp as much as possible. Finding a safe place to wild camp, or a gas station, or whatever other place, is a mission that, done day after day, can become really exhausting.

As much as I love to move around and see and experience new places, I also like having my own place. It might sound ironic coming from someone who loves to travel so much, but I am also a homebody. I just love being at home, reading books, watching films, reading interesting articles, cooking...

My camping spot here in Huanchaco

My camping spot here in Huanchaco

And that is exactly why I have been here in Huanchaco, Peru, for a couple of days already. I found a beautiful camping spot right by the beach (I can even hear the sound of the waves from inside my tent!), they have a good kitchen I can use to cook the food I have been missing, the Internet here is surprisingly excellent (so I can watch photography documentaries, download new music and some e-books - I am really not a fan of them, but traveling by bicycle means I just can´t carry a library with me -, read some good articles) and, on the top of that, I have been feeling quite at home here, which has been great.

I haven´t been on the road for that long, but I can already say that I do believe these little breaks are very important to rest our body and mind, and prepare us for the kms we still have ahead of us. 

However, on my case right now, my rest days here mean that I will not be able to ride all the way down to Lima, to meet my girlfriend there on the 20th. But that is ok, actually. There is no point in rushing and just passing by the places anyway. I have been doing that until here, riding over 100 km everyday, and that has made me quite tired.

So from here I am going to take a bus to Lima and we will spend what I am sure are going to be very special 10 days together. After that, I am gonna come back to Huanchaco, get my bicycle again, and from here ride up to Cajamarca, and from there I will start my way down to Cusco

I am guessing I am going to spend three months here in Peru...there is just too much to see here, and I am looking forward to what is yet to come.

Now, it´s time to drink one more cup of coffee, and then have a little walk on the beach. These days here have been doing good to me, I must say.

I will be back here in about two weeks. In the meantime, follow me on my Instagram and Facebook.

My best,

Bernardo Salce