Visual memories from Laos

In June 2014, just one month after arriving in Cambodia, I had to do a visa run (I had a tourist visa, which can be extended only for a month, and I wanted to get the business one, which can be extended for longer periods, indefinitely), so I went overland to Si Phan Don (4,000 Islands), southern Laos, and I must tell you, I had such a great, relaxing time over there!

I spent almost a week there, photographing, reading, relaxing, cycling was beautiful, and I have great memories from those days!

Most of the pictures in the gallery bellow are being shared for the very first time, I hope they will be able to give you a taste of that piece of paradise :)

I ended up not being able to get my business visa on the way back to Cambodia - they only issue it at the airports here! - but that didn't bother me.

I had had such a great time there in Laos, and I had then a good excuse to plan another trip - this time, by plane :)

If you ever come to SE Asia and feel like having some quiet, relaxing days, I totally recommend a visit to Si Phan Don.

I will be blogging again here very soon,

My best,

Bernardo Salce