A month without my iPhone, and the good it has been making me

Feeling pretty much FREE without my iPhone

Feeling pretty much FREE without my iPhone

It's been now just over a month since I lost my iPhone during a weekend trip to Santa Marta, here in Colombia, and the truth is: I haven't missed it

In fact, I'm really enjoying being without it, and I can already notice a lot of positive changes in my daily life. I'm not doing it to be a hipster or something, I just lost my phone, and have since decided to give it a try and see how I would feel without it.  

I have always considered myself someone who had a modest smartphone use during my day, but it's just after being without it that I realize how slaved I had become of it. I was struggling to read, to concentrate on my writings...I was even stopping movies sometimes to check that last notification.

Pretty much like the smoker who is unable to understand how bad his cigarette smells, it is very hard for us, "smart zombies", to acknowledge how addicted we have become to that little (sometimes huge) screen we are always carrying with us.

Now that I don't have my iPhone anymore, I am being able to read more, and better; and I'm feeling more free without that daily avalanche of personal posts and updates we are "obliged" to see on Facebook, Instagram and etc.

Also, honestly speaking, not seeing all those pictures on Instagram (probably the most important platform for photographers these days) has also been making me good. While that huge amount of images that are posted there on a daily basis can be inspiring, I find they can also be "visually exhausting", making us feel kind of aesthetically lost within all that sea of diverse influences.

Another negative aspect of checking it all that time was the inevitable comparisons I was finding myself doing with fellow photographers with more followers and more likes on their pictures. 

Now that I'm using my girlfriend's iPhone to eventually post something every two days or so, those feelings are something from the past.

I feel light, I feel free, and I feel more connected to my environment. Of course smartphones can also bring us together, but they can certainly also tear us apart. 

Besides posting pictures every now and then, I am just using my fiancé's phone to talk to my parents on WhatsApp. And that's pretty much it. I do not miss my phone, and the truth is, I'm not planning on buying another one anytime soon.

I know that will eventually happen in the near future, though, but my time now without it has definitely taught me some very important lessons on how to (not) use it. 

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I could easily go on here for a while, but to sum it up, I can say that being without my iPhone has set me free from a "social media cage" that was only bringing me time wasting and emotional exhaustion. 

We like to think that we are the ones controlling those little screens, but they are the ones that are, in fact, controlling us. And the smarter they get, the dumber they make us.

#SmartphoneFree has been making me a lot a good. Maybe it's not for you, but you should definitely try it at some point. 

Cheers from Cartagena,

Bernardo Salce