2nd Place @ 2015 Capture Corruption, by Transparency International!!

I'm delighted to share the news with you!

I feel humbled and honored for having won the 2nd place of the 2015 Capture Corruption Photography Competition, organized and promoted by Transparency International* You can see all the winners here *

This is the very first photography prize I've won in my career, and I'm even happier it came to a picture I made while trying to help someone - Mouen.

It's encouraging to have my work recognized by such an important organization and it only reinforces my desire to keep seeing and using photography as a tool to help promoting a positive change in society.

I'm now beginning my 3rd year as a so called "professional photographer" and I know I'm just in the very beginning; I still have a lot to develop and to learn. And that is pretty exciting!

I would like to express here my gratitude for the support I've been having from all of you, and I hope the international exposure of Mouen's portrait will help to promote his social enterprise and to raise awareness about the extremely negative effects of corruption on the public healthcare system - not only in Cambodia.

Also, I'd like to congratulate the other winners. The pictures are beautiful, powerful, and the stories they carry are all very important. It's awesome to see so many talented photographers trying to make a change through photography. 

So thank you very much, and I will see you again here soon, on my second and last post about my experience here in Yangshuo, China. I still have ten days left in this piece of paradise :)


Bernardo Salce