New beginnings

This is one of the very first pictures I made with the first proper camera I ever owned, a Nikon D5000 w/ a 18-55mm lens.

It was October 2010 and I had just got back to Brazil from an unforgettable experience in South Africa, a place that profoundly changed my perceptions of life and plans for my future.

When I left Brazil, in February 2009, I was a recently graduated Law student, with plans to pursue a career as an environmental prosecutor. When I went back, almost two years later, I still wanted to do something good for the environment, but I no longer wanted to do it through the Law system, locked in an office or in a court.

I wanted to use a camera instead.

My parents, naturally, were skeptical about it, and I got true support from just a few friends, but I was decided that being a photographer was what I wanted.

It was a new beginning for me. I had finally woken up to my "photography inner call" (I wrote a bit about it here).

It was not easy to get my first job as a photographer (some words about it here) but after persevering for more than year, I finally started to make my passion also my profession.

There is no better thing than working with what you love. For me, everyday feels like holidays.

Of course, this experience is not just flowers, and, especially as a freelancer in a very competitive market, sometimes money becomes an issue, and that uncertainty about the next assignment often tends to make you question that decision of "living your dream". 

But what is life, after all, if not a fine balance between hope and despair, between wins and defeats?

This was indeed a very notable change of directions in my life, but it was certainly not the only one - sometimes they are very subtle, to the point we either miss them or simply don't realize they've just occurred.  

Every day, we have an opportunity to do things differently, we are offered or we have the possibility to create new beginnings

Life is made of them.

And if we are able to see them, to truly launch ourselves on those new paths, they take us to an incredible journey of new possibilities and self-discovery | reinvention.

From the book I've just finished reading, which has deeply touched me:

"After all, our lives are but a sequence of accidents - a clanking chain of chance events. A string of choices, casual or deliberate, which add up to that one big calamity we call life". "A fine balance", by Rohinton Mistry

New beginnings are about changing/improving our relationship with others, with our environment, with ourselves. It's about being in love with this undefinable experience called life and making the most of it. It is a celebration of possibilities and diversity. It's about embracing the unknown. It's about being present.

New beginnings are what makes life so exciting, and they are the key to a conscious, fulfilled and happy existence.

Bernardo Salce