A beautiful Sunday at Phnom Oudong, Cambodia

Beautiful view from the top of Phnom Oudong

Beautiful view from the top of Phnom Oudong

Located only 40km northwest Phnom Penh, along National Road 5, Oudong served as the capital of Cambodia for over 250 years.

It was founded by King Srei Soryapor in 1601, and from 1618 until 1866 it was formally called Oudong Meanchey (Oudong standing for noble, or excellent, while Meanchey means victory). Late King Norodom abandoned it in 1866, taking with him the royal court to the current capital Phnom Penh.

I've been living in Cambodia for about one year and six months, but only yesterday (November, 8th), I had the chance to visit and explore this beautiful place. 

I rented a small motorbike with my good friend and roommate Jeffrey, and after almost 1,5 hours (the road is in precarious conditions), we finally got there. The Sun was shinning and beautiful clouds were painting that beautiful blue sky.

We had a great day there, exploring the area, photographing and chatting with friendly and curious monks and locals. They were all happy to see some barangs (the way Cambodians call foreigners) over there :) 

It was a lovely day, and the only incident we have was a rather funny one: Jeffrey got literally mugged by a hungry little monkey, who silently came from behind us, grabbed Jeff's bag of mangoes and run away, probably excited to eat those fresh mangoes....

Monkeys probably planning their next attack lol :)

Monkeys probably planning their next attack lol :)

We couldn't spend so much time there, as we had to return to Phnom Penh and give back the motorbike we had rented, and we also didn't want to be caught in the rain, so after about three and half hours, it was time to come back...but I will definitely go back there! 

For now, here are some of the pictures I made there :) 

And sometimes - rarely, I would say -, I go to the other side of the camera, something that makes me feel very uncomfortable, I must admit! :) But yesterday Jeffrey managed to convince me to pose for a portrait he wanted to take of me...here it is!

And for those who might be curious about the camera I used to make these photos, they were all made with my Fujifilm X-T1 w/ a 14mm f/2.8 and a 35mm f/1.4 lenses. I love the Fuji X system!

I have now just a week left here in Phnom Penh before I leave for my 6-weeks trip to my beautiful Brazil! I'm super excited to see my parents, brothers and friends and I'm sure my time there is going to be beyond special! I will take my beloved Fuji X100S to try to capture fractions of what I am going to see and experience there, and I will sure share with you some pictures and stories here! 

I will see you on the next post, which will probably be written while enjoying some açaí - one of the things I miss the most! :D


Bernardo Salce