My top 10 Instagram feeds right now!

UPDATE: Following the scandal involving Eduardo Martins, a con artist who was able to fool some of the main publications in the world and over 120k followers on Instagram (including myself!), I had no choice but to exclude him from this top ten list. It wouldn't make sense to add another IG feed right now to this list so I will just leave it as it is.


Instagram is probably now the most important platform for photography enthusiasts, both professionals and amateurs alike.

I access it almost everyday, and it is the social media I use the most to share my work. You can follow me here :)

With over 300 million active users, it has already changed the photography industry, and many photographers are now making their living almost entirely with what they post there. Instagram offers a direct channel between photographer - editor, and it allows a permanent and inspiring exchange of photography perceptions and approaches.

On the other hand, I also think Instagram has its negative sides and impacts, but such a complex topic will be perhaps discussed in another post in the future...

For now, I just wanna share here with you 10 of my favorites feeds right now. Some of them are very obvious; others, not that much, I would say. Quite often I am asked which photographers inspire me the most, so here are some of them, and the order here is not relevant:

1. Steve McCurry

A very obvious one, I know, but Mr. Steve McCurry is going to be always in any list of favorite photographers I make. He is the master, and the humanity he manages to capture with his photography is beyond beautiful, touching and inspiring. Along with Henri Cartier-Bresson and a handful of others, he is definitely one of my biggest influences in the art of photography.

2. Paul Nicklen

Paul Nicklen is another obvious one. A scientist who turned to photography to spread his message of love and care for our planet, he never fails to produce mesmerizing pictures. His commitment to the excellence in story telling and photography, as well as his passion for Nature, are also admirable. Without a doubt, he is my favorite wildlife photographer. 

3. David Guttenfelder

David Guttenfelder is one of my very favorite photojournalists. His creative eye and the iPhone pictures he shares on his Instagram are incredible and full of stories. He is one of the most accomplished photojournalists of our time, and his photographs in North Korea gave us a very beautiful and intimate perspective of a country closed to the outside world.

4. Jimmy Chin

The last of the super obvious ones on this list, Jimmy Chin is my favorite adventure photographer.  A master with both climbing and camera gear, he is always inspiring us with his amazing pictures and incredible climbing achievements. 

5.   Discover Sharks

I love sharks. I think they are amazing animals, and shark diving in South Africa was one of the best experiences I've ever had in my life. They are very misinterpreted (thank you for that, Hollywood and sensationalist media!), although they attack and kill only very few people per year - while we, humans, kill over 100 million sharks a year for their fins! Sharks are a critical part of marine ecosystem and should therefore be protected. I like and follow this page not only because the pictures are incredible, but also because they spread a message of respect and conservation.

6. Everyday Africa

I love how Everyday Africa gives us a human and diverse portrait of a continent that is so stigmatized, and almost all the times associated only with problems, diseases, war and poverty. This feed tackles preconceptions and stereotypes, offering us a beautiful and powerful view of Africa; not only of its issues, but also of its humanity, daily life and natural beauty. I had the privilege to live in South Africa for almost two years, and I will forever carry with me beautiful memories from my time there, and from the inspiring people I was lucky to meet. 


7. Modern Outdoorsman

Awesome pictures of the outdoors that just make you feel like getting your camera and going out there to explore. Their celebration of Nature also make me think of Henry David Thoreau, one of my favorite writers. We are fortunate enough to inhabit an amazing planet, we must appreciate, enjoy, respect and protect it. We are all part of it.

8. David Alan Harvey

A living legend. I love his writing almost as much as his photography. I love the way he sees and captures his daily life, and his Divided Soul images are simply magical. 

9. Futbolsport

As a good Brazilian, I do like football, and this feed here, the most followed football page on Instagram, has always some incredible and funny content related to the most popular sport in the planet.  

I obviously follow and appreciate many other Instagram pages, and I didn't include here the extremely obvious feeds, the ones I guess everyone interested in photography follows, such as National Geographic and Magnum Photos.

Looking back at the 10 feeds I listed here, I think they show pretty much what I like in photography and, ultimately, also a bit of who I am as a person. 

How about you? Who are your favorite photographers and which Instagram pages you like the most? I would love to hear about your inspirations in photography :) 

And as Saramago once said:

"If you can see, look. If you can look, observe".

So keep observing, and photographing.

See you on the next post,


Bernardo Salce