photography as a window to the beauty of life

"I only wish to bear witness to how extraordinary the seemingly ordinary actually is".


about me

Human Ecologist - Photographer -Climate Reality Leader

Hi! My name is Bernardo Salce and I'm a Human Ecologist, Photographer and Climate Reality Leader® who combines a scientific background, environmental expertise and photography skills in order to celebrate cultural diversity, raise public awareness, influence policy makers and promote values of social-environmental justice.  

Born-and-raised in a bucolic small town in Brazil, where I earned my Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Environmental Law, I've lived in South Africa, Portugal, Cambodia, Colombia and the United States over the past decade, working for a variety of publications, development agencies and local/international NGOs on issues such as climate change, social-economic inequalities, human trafficking, education and human rights violations. 

I hold a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Human Ecology and Contemporary Social Issues from NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities (2011-13), and I became a Climate Reality Leader® in Los Angeles, California (2018).   


I've been an avid researcher, environmental activist and advocate for the green agenda for over twelve years, with a special attention to Emancipatory Environmental Education

By using photography as an educational tool, I hope not only to shine a light on local/global pressing issues but also (i) to reveal the beauty in the seemingly ordinary, everyday moments; (ii) to promote ethical and inclusive outdoor recreation as a tool for conservation; (iii) to illuminate stories of resilience; and (iv) to show how culture and geographic features intertwine to shape the way societies perceive and interact with their natural environment. 

I am based in Santa Cruz, California.

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