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Human Ecologist - Photographer

My name is Bernardo Salce and I'm a Brazilian Environmentalist who combines Human Ecology and Photography in order to celebrate cultural diversity, illuminate stories of resilience and promote values of social and environmental justice.  

Through my work I hope to (a) reveal a bit of the culture and traditions of a certain place through daily life images; (b) document how culture and geographical factors intertwine to shape the way societies perceive and interact with their natural environment; and (c) bring attention to social-environmental issues that are either not being addressed yet or that are not having the responses they should have.   

I have a background in Law (Bachelor's) and Human Ecology (Master of Arts, MA), and I've been investigating our environmental crisis for over ten years, with special attention to International Humanitarian Law and Environmental Education (more about it here). 

I've worked for a variety of magazines, news agencies and local/international NGOs across the globe, producing travel stories and covering issues such as climate change, social-economic inequalities, human trafficking, education and environmental justice.     

I'm currently writing a novel that chronicles the story of a small town whose fate is terribly affected by a mining operation. It is inspired by true events in Brazil and Colombia, and also by everything I've been seeing and experiencing on the road.  

Having lived in South Africa, Portugal, Cambodia and Colombia over the last decade, I am currently based in San Diego, California.

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As a photographer, I am available for reportages, editorial, travel and social-environmental assignments.  

As an environmentalist with a vast experience in research and field work, I am particularly interested in Environmental Education projects and Humanitarian issues.   

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